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Name:Black Fabric Best Cheap Danish Replica Womb Chair
Item No:C022
Color:Color Chart Choice
Set:Chair, Ottoman
Inner:Fiberglass Frame
MOQ:1 pcs
Warranty:2 Years
Material:Cashmere Fabric
Delivery Time:10-15 days after getting deposit

Product Description

Saarinen's furniture design made him one of the most creative masters in the twentieth Century. In his opinion, a chair should not only be uniform in shape and perfect in function, but also be in harmony with the architectural environment. The chair is designed for people, so comfort is the only way to achieve the design goal. The cooperation with Ims in the early 1940s was his first design style, but he was not satisfied with the visual separation of the chair body and legs and feet. In 1946, Saarinen devised a masterpiece, womb chair., which is called a real organic design. Womb chair is a one-time FRP inner billet, with a layer of sponge in the middle, which is soft, comfortable and elastic. Handrails, back, back and other parts are flat, smooth, wrinkle-free, pure manual sewing, smooth, beautiful, even and natural, beautiful lines, sponges can be taken out of the cushion, convenient and clean. Comfortable, elegant and generous, ergonomic design, so as to achieve the effect of reducing stress and eliminating fatigue. Fixed stainless steel feet, smooth surface, smooth corners, smooth without leaving traces. Unique shape, simple structure, modern, fashionable, beautiful and practical chair, with stainless steel foot pedals, more elegant and generous. The well designed seat is soft and comfortable, sitting like a mother's arms.

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