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Name:Best Value Antique Black Barcelona Chair Factory
Item No:C013
Color:Black Leather
Set:Chair , Footrest
Surface:PU Leather ,Genuine Leather
Seater:Single Seater,2 Seater,3 Seater
Foot:Stainless Steel Foot
Warranty:2 Years
Delivery Time:10-15 days after getting deposit

Product Description

The Barcelona chair was prepared for the King and Queen of Spain in the German Pavilion at the Barcelona Expo in 1929. It adopts the classic arc cross double "x" chair legs of modern furniture, and the contrast of stainless steel with leather, which is concise and expressive in detail. The design of this chair concludes in one sentence that "good function is the form of beauty". This product is developed according to the needs of the distributors and is developed in accordance with the information provided by the original website. Leather is also the same imported cattle hide. This time, according to customer's requirements, PU styling cotton is used in the interior. All PU styling cotton moulds are made from cushion cotton, backrest cotton and foot cotton. Because of the special design of concave-convex small squares when opening the moulds, PU sponge also has concave-convex small squares when shaping, so the tables of various components are used in hand-making. Three dimensional concave and convex three-dimensional sense is stronger, the effect is better. In addition, PU foam is superior to ordinary high elastic foam in resilience, durability and other aspects, but the corresponding cost will be a little higher. The hardware rack or the original hardware rack has not been upgraded. Because of the adoption of PU stereotypes, all the leather plates are also made according to the republication of PU cotton.

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